Greek Spinach salad

Spinach in Greece is many times replaced with a form of wild spinach usually found on the mountain slopes, there are many varieties but the most famous is Vlita (Slender Amaranth or Green Amaranth in English), they have a deep green colour and slightly bitter flavour which is what contributes to their health claim of filtering blood, This recipe however is as tasty as healthy and as filling as it gets!

  • 15 mins

  • 4



      • Wash the spinach gently and blanch in a pan with water and salt to your liking, until reduced and wilted but still with a bit of a bite
      • Drain in a colander and place on a platter.
      • Slice the tomatoes in half and scatter with the sliced garlic and almond slither all over the spinach
      • Drizzle generously with Gaea Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Salad


      You can use Greek dried rusk bread as a base, the juices with soften it and give you a full Greek flavour experience! Oh and when in Greece try this as in Greece it is made with wild spinach from the mountains that are super healthy for you.