Gaea was founded in 1995. Our name wasn't by accident; in ancient Greek mythology, Gaea was Mother Earth—a symbol of fertility and all things new. As such, our vision is to bring our passion of Joy for life to the world through the undiscovered original Greek cuisine and lifestyle!


Over 7000 years of history and tradition circulate the Olive tree and it's stories in Greece, all the way from the Minoans to today's Greek families, the olive tree is worshipped almost like a God and is a God.


Greek. meraki [may-rah- kee] (adjective) This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love -- when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing, whatever it may be.

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From handpicked olives, organically verified and committed farmers, to 100% Natural ingredients, we can proudly say ALL Gaea products reach your table ethically and with protecting the environment as a MUST have!

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Climate Change is a reality that demands a higher level of responsibility from all of us. In addition to 100% natural and preservative free products at Gaea, we offset or CO2 emissions as a bare minimum and we invest in regenerative resources, read how below

As a global Greek brand,
the more we grow and reach people, we have a social responsibility! we want to reach them beyond their palate, we want to intrigue the mind, helping them create memories that will last forever and give them a sense of belonging.

The Greek terrain is 80% mountainous, this means that cultivating olives is much harder than other countries that produce olives, this is great for our consumers as in Greece we still hand pick our olives, however it is difficult on an industrial level, it is therefore important to support small farmers in order to keep this tradition alive.....

All the above starts from here and ends here, it isn't enough to be natural, sustainable and regenerative, our frontrunner vision is flavor, this comes first and we create our products as if we made them in our home kitchen, in fact that's exactly how we start...