Christmas salad

We Greeks love our salads! not only because it's the best way to eat in summer when the heat is above 90°F, but also because it gives us back our dignity when scoffing up all that Christmas food! But it is Christmas after all and you can't just have green leaves and dressing, so here is a brilliant yet light Christmas Salad.

  • 20 mins

  • 6



  • Add the salad, pomegranate and oranges wedges to a large bowl.
  • Cut the halloumi in thick slices and grill on a griddle pan, until slightly golden and place on a plate.
  • In a small pan add the sesame seeds and toast until slightly golden (ideally 1 minute as they will continue to cook when removed from the pan)
  • Top the salad with the cheese and sesame seeds, drizzle with the Gaea Fresh extra virgin Olive oil and toss the salad well.


Serve with Gaea green Greek Olives marinated with lemon and oregano!