The Landscape

Greece is located in the southeastern corner of Europe, on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a land that encompasses seas, rivers, mountains, islands and therefore has a very diverse and dramatic landscape, here are some cool facts about Greece that you may not know:

  • Greece on average has 280 - 300 days of sunshine a year 
Gaea beach dinner
  • It has over 14000 km of coast line making it the 9th country in the world on the coast line count!
  • 80% of the country is mountainous, but no point is more then 90km away from the sea!
  • Greece has over 6000 islands from which only 227 are inhabited! 

gaea monemvasia

  • Greece is the third largest producer of olives in the world!
  • 35% of the entire population of Greece lives in Athens, except for August where only 10% remain in the city whilst the rest holiday around Greece
  • Greece's official name is Hellas and us Greeks call the country Ellada
  • Greece has a lot of snow with ski lodges all over the country in the winter and reaches on average 95°F in the summer.
  • Greece's summers run from June to October!
Gaea Greece snow
The point I want to make is this.
The dramatic landscape of Greece makes it easy for any Greek to escape the routine, a drive down the road will give you many different point of views of your surroundings, this has always made Greeks appreciate nature, respect it, fear it but also use the same fear to replenish their batteries and re-invent themselves.
I find this extremely important to people, reconnect with nature, take a moment to understand your surroundings! 
You don't need to come all the way to Greece to enjoy nature of course and you don't even need to travel out of the city, here are some of our recommendations to spend time and understand your position on Earth! You breathe therefore you are, you are one with this world so don't stray away from it and shut it out, its a part of us!
  • lay down and look at the sky, if there are clouds try and make animals out of them in your imagination! remember we used to do that as kids?
  • Take your shoes and socks off and stand in a patch of grass or sand and feel the Earth's vibe! 
  • Sit and observe the animal traffic on a tree!
  • Leave a bird feeder outside your window to have pleasant visits from birds.

Life is majestic in it's simplicity, it isn't complicated, we make it this way and nature is a healer of the soul.