The People

In Greece what we are about to explain has a word!
Greek Philotimo [Fil-o- ti - mo] At its core, is about the goodness and generosity of ones spirit. Its an innate way of life for Greeks, and it represents the open-arms hospitality and authentic giving to people. This way of life is about respecting others as equals and giving unconditionally without expecting anything back.
These are the type of people you should always surround yourself with!
People who have honour and are interested in their reputation as human beings.
It's a bit macabre but most Greek grow up with their parents saying, think of what you would want people to say at your Eulogy!
Don't get us wrong it also creates a whole load of issues too, like for example being a people pleaser and always worrying about what people think about you, however if you surround yourself with like minded, positive, happy and respectful people, its harder to be at a loss!
gaea happy place
The people that surround you can be of a massive influence on your character, your mood and to some extent your projection to the world.
So choose the people you surround yourself with carefully! and if you can't choose i.e family! just keep the contact to the bare minimum.