From field to table

Every step in our olive oil production contributes to the quality and preservation of its natural characteristics. We follow the best available practices in olive oil production, which contribute to a consistently superb quality of Gaea Extra Virgin olive oils

GAEA’s Best Practices production steps

  • The olives are harvested in November – December, for higher polyphenol content.
  • The olives are hand-picked with the help of simple tools, in order to protect the fruits
  • They are carefully placed in baskets before going to the oil press
  • They are cold pressed within a few hours of harvesting
  • The olive oil is stored in tanks containing nitrogen in order to slow down ageing and is kept under a controlled temperature, in a lightless environment.
  • All GAEA’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils are bottled in dark bottles in order to restrict light absorption, which oxidizes Olive oil.

Gaea hand picked olives

The Olive oil arrives in our facility in Agrinio Greece and it is stored in climate controlled silo's in order to preserve it's freshness, the bottles are then filled as per order, it is then shipped of to all corners of the Earth for you to enjoy!


We then offset our carbon emissions for most of our products by reinvesting in Carbon elimination.