GAEA Pitted Mixed Olives Green , Black and Brunettes

GAEA Pitted Mixed Olives Green , Black and Brunettes

GAEA Pitted Mixed Olives Green , Black and Brunettes

  • Authentic Greek product
  • Made in Greece
  • Sustainably made


With a black to brown colour and oval shape and green skin characteristic of Chalkidiki olives variety


Sweet taste initially, giving way to sharpness, which is quite clean


Strong characteristic of  Kalamata and Chalkidiki green olives


Flesh is soft and slightly fibrous for the Kalamata olives, and crisp and meaty for the Green olives


Enjoy them from the pouch, with your drink or on your salads.

GAEA pitted Kalamata are sun ripened, under the Greek sun, their colour is naturally black depending on the exposure to the sun’s rays whilst on the tree. Where as Chalkidiki green olives are picked unriped straight off the olive tree.

A mouth-watering mix of pitted plump , rich Kalamata brunettes , aromatic crispy green and round Amfissa black olives . We took the pits out , marinated the olives for several days with extra virgin olive oil to offer you a delicious and perfect olive mix for snacking and entertaining! Liquid free ,persevative free and re-sealable pouch that keeps theolives fresh and full of authentic Greek flavors

NUTRITION FACTS per 100ml per serving 15ml
ENERGY 695kJ / 166kcal 105kJ /25kcal
FAT 13,3g 2g
of which saturates 3,3g 0,5g
of which sugars 0g 0g
FIBRE 3g 0g
SALT 0,78g 0,12g


Pitted Mixed Olives (Green , Kalamata , Amfissa) , Salt , Vinegar , Lemon juice , Extra virgin olive oil , Basil , Black pepper , Lemon peel .


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